Why you choose Utypisk as digital solution partner

Utypisk is on a mission. A mission to make it easy and transparent for you as a customer to get a professional digital solution and to make it as efficient as possible without wasting your money on non-value-creating processes and activities.

Make the most of your investment in a digital solution

Utypisk has a fixed max. booking of 20 hours per week so there is always time for a chat and to fix the small things. The price per week (20 hours) is 12,500 kr. excl. VAT. A very simple pricing structure that are equal for all customers.

An estimate after many years in the industry is that Utypisk is 3-4 times as effective as a medium-sized digital agency due to the fact that at Utypisk you have direct contact with a Danish speaking person who covers customer dialogue, project management, design, development and testing – in short, no loss of knowledge between project participants and no middlemen. The digital solution specialist at Utypisk has at least 7 years of experience and uses a toolbox with the best and most effective tools.

Can Utypisk also help with marketing, hosting, search engine optimization, etc.

Yeps, Utypisk helps with everything around digital solutions – tell us just about all your requirements and wishes – it will be atypical if Utypisk can not help you.

Write to Utypisk so we can meet and talk about your business and ideas. Utypisk returns 24 hours after the meeting with an indication of how many weeks to spend on making a good solution that meets your needs.

Easy and simple – which may be a bit out of character when it comes to technology, design and digital development.

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You are also welcome to give a call or send an e-mail.

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